Business Range

Domestic and International freight forwarder agency

As the subordinate enterprise of DMU International Logistics Group, DMU (Liaoning) Company is one of the biggest forwarders at Dalian port. It’s registered NVOCC improved by MOC, licensed Class A freight forwarder, custom and CIQ broker, which has the certificated of ISO 9001:2008 quality system. The Group established a dozen of affiliates at ports and makes Dalian branch as the leading of all coastal ports along the gulf of Bohai and the main inland cities in the northeast with sea, land, railway and multiple transportation as a whole. We achieved the leading market share of container shipping route subdivision with Japan, South East Asia, Middle East, India and Pakistan, and Mediterranean. As one of the largest and full scaled forwarders, the Company owns plenty of SOC containers as a great guarantee for individual service, which reduces the cost as well.

We have comprehensive agency network and affiliates all over the world. Our collaborated agencies distributed in over 70 countries and areas would provide the sophisticated service for the customer especially DDU, DDP, TO DOOR, EX WORK business. It’s effectively guaranteed of transportation and competitive freight due to our favorable cooperation with over 20 shipping companies.

International bulk and general cargo shipping transportation business

Eastern Brother Shipping Co.,Ltd. is the joint venture of DMU International Logistics Group,which is a bulk carrier of near sea shipping lines.The company is mainly dealing with the cargo transportation among China,Japan and Korea, sticking to the customer oriented strategy. With network marketing and bulk logistics integration,it has achieved the diversified and transnational management with vessels, mariner labor cooperation, marine materials supply and shipping merchandising of being an integrated near sea transportation company.

Currently the company is running several vessels.Three self-owned bulk vessels of 5000mt,whose total capacity over 20,000.00mt and annual volume over 300,000.00mt, have almost covered the shipping lines among Taiwan,Japan,Korea,Southeast Asia and part of near sea lines, which has been extended to about 20 ports in more than 10 countries.

We supply the sea transportation service for iron steel,coals,chemical fertilizer,mineral,agriculture stuff and etc.Meanwhile, we have established the long term and stable business relationship with more than 20 customers worldwide with mutual benefits.

With years of great efforts, the company has won a good reputation in the shipping market. It is customer oriented to provide the qualified service to domestic and abroad customers, basing on the cost benefit and management innovation. Moreover, the company is focusing on becoming the leader of the area by merging and capital utilization of intensifying the core competitiveness, which helps provide efficient service to all customers.

Project Logistics

As one of the key business management departments, DMU project logistics is considered as one of the most important part for company’s five -year development strategy, whose business scope is multiple transportation of large engineering and contracting projects, booking shipments, packing, warehousing, port transit, custom clearance, CIQ broker, insurance and consulting. DMU Logistics also have ocean transportation of its own bulk fleet covering Asia, Africa, Latin America and middle east countries with professional advantages in building materials, electric and base construction areas. It has established stable, long term, win-win cooperation relationship with over 10 customers worldwide and has good reputation due to excellent service.

With years of efforts accumulated , perfect network coverage, leading technology equipment ,senior expert team and strict operation, we are able to provide comprehensive, professional and individual solutions for projects to guarantee the project quality, especially for those complicated cases which requires logistics planning and field operation service.

We could supply the services as below: transportation for huge ,over weight and OOG cargo, investigation of transit routes, limited requirement such as road width, tunnel height, river depth and bridge strength, doing research for transportation route considering the weather to make sure the safety and clearance. handling the legal issues and custom clearance problems, standard operation system for installation and tracing the shipping cargo.

Land and international multiple transportation

DMU DALIAN was founded in Oct 2010, which is one of the subordinate companies of DMU International Logistics Group, providing containers land transportation. It mainly dealing with the land transportation in northeast China to meet further satisfaction of the customer.

Moreover, railway transportation is a new business explored in northeast these years along with the business expansion. Currently,the company owns several affiliated equipment of transportation. In the future, the group will set up a dozen of branches nationwide to provide rail container and truck load transportation via Manchuria and other land borders including Russia,Mongolia,Mid Asian,north European and west European countries with safety,accuracy,and speediness. Meanwhile, taking advantages of DMU Logistics in sea transportation, it will supply the related sea rail multiple transportation,maritime import and distribution business. In the future we will mainly engage in Sino-Russia reefer train service from domestic ports/inland -Dalian-Manchuria-Latter Baikal-Moscow and Eurasian Land Bridge train service.

Container yard and warehousing service

DMU International Logistics Group, whose head office is located in Dalian port, has container yard and warehouse which could supply professional one stop service of container yard, warehousing and allocation to all customers. Also we have several experienced IICL Container and Chassis Inspectors and container maintenance team to meet the needs of carriers and container leasing companies for all kinds of containers.

The total area of the depot is 70,000m2 while 3000m2 of the warehouse that could guarantee the requirement of cargo, empty and heavy containers. The storage capacity is 6500teu per day making sure of the loading of customer at any time. In the future we will build close relationship with more than 10 carriers at Dalian port by achieving whole process resource planning basing on the development of information construction.

Together with professional warehouse executives and experienced staff first, the depot is equipped with professional loading equipment for agriculture product to make sure of the safe running, which is a great help to efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction. It’s becoming the third storage and distribution center for more and more chemical and agricultural enterprises in the northeast area.

Personalized logistics solutions

As one of the logistics suppliers , DMU has a professional team to provide with more reasonable, more efficient and faster logistics solutions by the integration of our resources. The customers can make good use of our information platform and logistics network to reduce the transportation cost so that they could focus on their own business development.

As for the intense market competition and rapid information development, more and more enterprises take the third party logistics supplier as an important part to gain competitive advantages. DMU has become the integrated logistics supplier with the complete system of warehousing, transportation, allocation, information tracing and multiple transportation. We plan to establish modern warehousing center around the country with better service and network, thus providing individual service for more and more famous enterprises.

"Let's be closer to the customer" is our long term pursuit. It's believed that we will provide better service for brighter future basing on our comprehensive power with the improvement of third party logistics in China.